Through the CEATI International Program, electrical industry representatives are brought together to identify critical issues and to develop studies that yield innovative and practical technology solutions. In order to maintain high quality and cost effective deliverables CEATI International continues to expand its relations with electric industry organizations capable of responding to our Requests for Proposals and Letters of Intent.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are solicitations for research and/or development on a specific topic. To receive notifications on our latest RFPs click the Get Our Newsletter button above, and select the option to receive invitations to submit proposals. All submission are due by 4pm Eastern Time on the respective dates listed. Further instructions on submitting proposals can be found in the Submit Proposal section.

Letters of Intent allow technology providers to submit their own project ideas within the broad scope of any of CEATI’s Programs. Submissions are welcome at any time using the guidelines found within the “Submit a Proposal” section.

To respond to a formal Request for Proposal or Letter of Intent request, please review the following

submit proposal

For the preparation of Reports, Presentations, and Technical Briefs, please use: